Visual Touchscreens Web Site

Welcome to the Visual Touchscreens web site. Visual Touchscreens is an early stage venture started by Apolon Ivankovic of Torq Software. The visual proximity user interface concepts that are the basis for the Visual Touchscreens technology were developed by Apolon as part of dealing with cervical spine health issues. Regardless of that beginning, the concepts apply to computer interaction for any one who can use traditional touchscreens such as phones and tablets. It is very much a general computing user interaction technology.

The concepts have not been made public up until now primarily due to working through the patent process. An unfortunate side effect of this approach is that not being able to communicate the ideas limits the funding options. It is for this reason that this web site has been created. Its unclear at this stage how often this news feed will be updated and the form of content. It will depend on success and form of the funding sources we achieve.