We are developing a new way to interact with computers.


Touch based computer such as smart phones and tablets have revolutionized the computing industry. We are bringing touch concepts to computer scenarios such as big screens, televisions, heads up displays, virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses. The technology is a unique combination of touch and touch-less interactions. It lets you use a big screen in a similar way to how you interact with your phone or tablet but without touching the screen.


Introducing Concepts

Find out more about our user interface technology and what it will let you do. Includes quick prototype demonstrations.

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We are looking for seed level investment to continue with the realization of our vision for computer interaction.

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Prototype Demo

See our current prototype in action showing visual touchscreen functionality in action with a big screen television. Includes detailed discussions on the current prototype and approach.

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Hand Customization

Listen to a discussion of the visual customization directions for the visual touchscreen functionality.

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Augmented Reality

Find out about our experiments with applying virtual touchscreens technology to augmented reality glasses.

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